Increasing funding opportunities for Researchers and Industry through APAF partnerships

Macquarie University (MQ) has a long and distinguished track record of conducting collaborative research with academe, industry and government. As part of Macquarie University’s research strategy “Framing of futures” we seek to establish an “innovation nexus” where MQ and our partners will contribute impactful solutions and develop lasting relationships.

APAF aligns with MQ strategy aiming to be a partner of choice that engages and delivers high quality proteomic outcomes using advanced infrastructure and “best in class” techniques. APAF engages with more than 100 different scientists per year in providing research solutions in mass spectrometry, proteomics, glycomics, analytical protein chemistry and bioinformatic sciences. APAF encourages thoughtful discussion addressing both short term collaborations and longer term investigations to resolve vexing questions of impact.

To encourage meaningful partnerships APAF actively works with scientists to strengthen their funding applications by generating preliminary data and providing technical expertise. APAF offers partnerships for funding applications using the following mechanisms:

•    NHMRC and ARC joint grant applications as Chief/Associate Investigators and pro-rata funded scientific positions.

•    Industry EPS (MQ Enterprise Partnership Scheme)   – up to $50,000 dollar matching funding through the MQ commercialisation office. To fund joint research undertaken with Industry of a substantial nature that would lead to future funded partnerships.

•    Research partner in “NSW Govt.” Tech vouchers scheme – up to $15,000 dollar matching funding for SME’s requiring “kick start” tocollaborations. Available to NSW only SME’s for use in NSW research organisations.

•    “Cost-sharing Collaborations for academics” – Recognising APAF staff contribution and consumable costs associated with project execution, with expectations of shared outcomes for high profile topic areas.

•    Industry sharing of research and results” - leading to commercialisation, the creation of new knowledge (IP) and joint research outcomes and publications.

To see example publication outcomes from our collaborators follow this

For enquires please contact
APAF Director: Mark Molloy
Tel:  02 9850 6218
E: [email protected]