Privacy Policy

Australian Proteome Analysis Facility (“APAF”) recognises that users may have concerns about the privacy and confidentiality of their personal information when using our website. At all times we comply with the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 (NSW) and the Information Privacy Principles. The following is intended to inform the user about the type of information accessed and/or retained by APAF and the handling of that information.

Users may be asked to provide details such as name, mailing address, name of organisation, job title, telephone and facsimile numbers, and e-mail addresses, etc. if they wish to access the online forms. This information is stored in secure databases which can only be accessed by APAF employees. We will not at any time share, sell or licence this information to any other company or organisation, unless we are required to do so by law or to enforce the terms of agreements with our clients, or unless you have given your explicit consent. The personal information will only be used to send communications which may be of interest to the user. No other information about the user is collected by APAF.

However, you should be aware that there are risks associated with the transmission of information over the internet. You should make your own assessment of the risks of providing information using this website. We can provide you with an alternative means if you feel uncomfortable about providing information using electronic transmission.

If you have any concerns about the privacy of your information or wish to modify or request the deletion of your details, please direct your query to:

Australian Proteome Analysis Facility
Level 4 Building F7B Research Park Drive   
Macqurie University NSW 2109 
Phone: +61 2 9850 6201
Fax:     +61 2 9850 6200
Email: [email protected]

Copyright Statement

Unless otherwise indicated, Australian Proteome Analysis Facility (“APAF”) owns the copyright in all material displayed on this website. With the exception of any trademarks or logos, you may download, display, print or reproduce the materials owned by APAF in unaltered form for personal, non-commercial use, research or study provided that you acknowledge APAF as the owner of the material. Commercial use of these materials is not permitted without our written consent. Where it is indicated, or it is obvious to a reasonable person, that we do not own the copyright in particular material, the material may not be used without the written consent of the owner. You are responsible for obtaining that consent and use of third party material on this website is not to be taken as permission to allow you to download, display, print or reproduce that material. If you wish to use material on a linked website, such use will be governed by the terms and conditions governing that website.

Enquiries regarding use of copyright material should be sent to [email protected]