iTRAQTM (isobaric tag for relative and absolute quantitation) is a chemical derivatisation technique used to identify, compare and quantify proteins from multiple samples in one single
experiment by Mass Spectrometry.

iTRAQTM reagents are supplied by AB Sciex as 8-plex or 4-plex kits. However, if multiple runs are to be analysed, a common reference sample should also be included to allow comparisons in all subsequent iTRAQTM experiments.



  • Multiplexing saves you time
  • Cheaper than label free if paying for contract service
  • Within spectra relative quantitation means no missing values
  • APAF has 5 years experience using iTRAQTM-MS


Comparative Proteomics: iTRAQTM

A combination of 2D-LC and ESI LC/MS requires expertise in sample preparation, chromatography and MS to ensure reproducible results. This can be a difficult combination of techniques to master for many researchers.

Our Expertise Includes:

  1. International benchmarking rank us in the top tier of facilities
  2. Published articles with leading pharmaceutical companies and renowned researchers
  3. Proficiency to develop new workflow to give scientists more options to use iTRAQTM for their experiments
  4. Pathway analysis - included as a bonus for model organisms