Third Part Testimonials

Teva Pharma Australia Pty Ltd

"We have been using APAF services regularly since mid-2008. We routinely analyse complex biologics using multiple methods including:

·         N-linked glycoprofiling

·         N-terminal sequencing

·         Amino acid analysis

·         Intact Mass spectrometry

·         Peptide mapping (sequence confirmation etc)

·         Identification of unknowns by 2D gel/ sequencing

·         Specialist advice

APAF has supplied prompt service and have provided timely communication in the event of delays. They provide full reports that include all raw data and their specialists are happy to provide advice on data interpretation, logical next steps etc.

We have found APAF to be an excellent service provider and would not hesitate to recommend them."

Institute for Molecular Bioscience

"We have been using APAF for Edman sequencing of disulfide-rich peptides since 2008. These peptides are obtained from natural sources and are therefore often available in only very low amounts in addition to requiring reduction/alkylation prior to sequencing.
Despite these technical issues, APAF have provided complete or near-complete sequences for dozens of peptides that typically range in size from 30-40 residues. We found the quality of these sequences (both in terms of sequence length and correct residue identification) to be significantly superior  to several other service providers that we compared in a blind trial. APAF provide full sequencing reports that include raw data and they are always happy to discuss the data in further detail if required. In summary, we have found APAF to be an invaluable service provider and we can recommend them unreservedly.

Glenn King
Institute for Molecular Bioscience
The University of Queensland”


Minomic International Ltd

“Minomic International Ltd (MIL) has engaged and collaborated with APAF over the past 5 years. MIL has experienced both a high level of scientific diligence and a good degree of customer engagement to assist in delivering important outcomes on the work contracted. MIL has always found APAF to be a customer focused partner.” Minomic, CEO, Dr Brad Walsh.

Gratuk Technologies Pty Ltd

"Over a period of years Gratuk Technologies has collaborated with APAF on a number of different scientific projects in both the academic and commercial areas. The most recent project included a NSW TechVoucher approved Scheme (Round 2).

Gratuk Technologies has always received a high degree of Academic thoroughness and we have always been very satisfied with the accuracy and precision of the data. A high standard of scientific robustness and attention to detail applied to the results has always been found. It has been a professional pleasure to engage with APAF as a customer.” Dr Malcolm Ball, Technical Director, Gratuk Technologies Pty Ltd."

Monash University Dept of Microbiology

"It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you. Thank you so much for all of your help"

 Dr Milena M Awad

Garvan Institute of Medical Research

 "We worked with Mark and Christoph at APAF to develop a mass spectrometry method to detect novel protein binders of our transcription factor of interest, Id4. The guys are very knowledgeable, really interested in understanding the biology basis of our project and generated excellent quality data on novel targets that we presented in our recent NHMRC grant application. Having Mark as an Associate Investigator lent track record credibility that we could extend this data with future funding. With our grant funded, we now look forward to expanding this part of the project with the team at APAF"   Alexander Swarbrick PhD