Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Intact Protein

The intact protein is analysed by either ESI-TOF MS or Linear MALDI-TOF MS. Generally, ESI-TOF MS is recommended as it is more accurate and requires less sample. Proteins are treated in a variety of ways depending on the sample and the MS method used. Once analysed the result is reported as a mass, plus or minus the experimental error.

Recommended for:

The accurate assignment of a proteins mass


Highly accurate mass information (accurate to 0.01% for ESI-TOF)
Can be used for basic glycoprotein analysis


Generally larger amounts of sample are required
The protein must be pure (>90%)
Ideally the sample is in solution, or solid format
Not all proteins are amenable to MS analysis
Highly glycosylated, or variably glycosylated, proteins can be difficult to analyse

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