About Us

APAF Ltd (ABN 81 101 734 098) is a non-listed, not for profit public company fully owned by Macquarie University for the purpose of advancing education and coordinating proteomic research activities associated with funding through the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) scheme. APAF Ltd is governed by a board of directors under the leadership of an independent chairman.

APAF has been a leader in developing proteomic technologies for over 20 years and has held NCRIS funding since 2007. BioPlatforms Australia was formed at this time to coordinate NCRIS investments in `omics sciences including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics at various nodes across Australia.  APAFs current funding with BPA is in renewal for the 2017/18 period.

APAF provides high throughput, quality, national and international proteomics and protein chemistry research services. Provision of infrastructure in the areas of mass spectrometry, high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), protein sequencing, amino acid analysis, protein separation, protein quantitation and biomarker discovery will ensure Australian researchers in the life sciences, medical, agriculture, food and biotech sectors have access to world leading technology thereby retaining global leadership across their respective fields.

The high end infrastructure is supported with scientific and technical expertise across the proteomics platform. Scientists, technologists and informaticians with a range of experience from biological application in the fields of cancer research, diagnostics development, agricultural research, analytical chemistry and biotech development facilitate access to proteomics infrastructure.

APAF works with academic and industry researchers across the life-sciences domain, but is especially focused on biomedical, agriculture and food and analytical research sectors.

Effective from 1 July 2012, APAF is registered as a Research Service Provider (RSP), under S29A of the Industry Research and Development Act 1986, by AusIndustry. This means that companies contracting research with APAF will be able to claim tax concessions provided the activities fall within the relevant "class of activity" for which the RSP is registered and the activities satisfy the definition of "research and development activities" in the legislation.

The classifications of research and development activities for which APAF is registered are:-
0601 - Biochemistry and Cell Biology
0605 - Microbiology
0702 - Animal Production
0703 - Crop and Pasture Production
0707 - Veterinary Sciences
1001 - Agricultural Biotechnology
1101 - Medical Biochemistry and Metabolomics
1107 - Immunology
1108 - Medical Microbiology
1109 - Neurosciences
Organisations claiming a taxation concession should quote APAF's registration number 37823. Note that there are reporting and recording requirements associated with these claims.